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Stand to Security is a cyber security and information technology consulting company. We provide services for various industries with a wide range of technologies designed to meet the needs of the customer. Our specialties include industry and government compliance (State, City, Federal, i502, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and DoD), IT Infrastructure for small and medium sized businesses as well as enterprise clients.

Systems Infrastructure

The primary building block for any organization is their infrastructure. If you have issues with your infrastructure or wish to expand we can help you get back on track or scale your business.

Network Infrastructure

A Common headache for businesses is their network infrastructure, a critical system that all businesses today depend on. We can help you troubleshoot, assess, design, implement and maintain your network systems both securely and reliably.

Security and Compliance

Critical for today's business we can provide a range of consulting, assessments, design / engineering and advisory services for both cyber security and government or industry compliance.

Information Technology Managment

Lower your stress and free up time to manage your business by having stand to security manage your IT infrastructure.

The Stand to Security Team

Dedicated to customer service and satisfaction our team are experienced IT professionals committed to the reliability and security of our customers' systems.

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